Guest Post: Tyrion on the Throne

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All Hail King Tyrion

The Iron Throne needs a king, or queen but who deserves to be sat on that amazing crafted, power chair. Well if you ask me, I think it should be Tyrion. I just think Tyrion is perfect to rule in Kings Landing. He may be an ‘imp’ but he’s not stupid, or scared, he’d fight for his power, and he’d be good to the people. He wouldn’t torture innocent girls, and go back on his word. I think Tyrion would be a good, loyal, trustworthy king.

What if his father is wrong, (he is really, we know that) Jamie isn’t the trusted Lannister, to be fair I don’t the Lannisters at all, apart from Tyrion. Tyrion I love. Jamie killed a king for benefits of his own family, and let’s not forget allow with his sister, Cersi he created Joffery. He’s not the brother Tywin should be giving credit to. Tyrion is hated by his sister, and his father for that matter, he’s put up with so much his whole lift, shouldn’t he end up with something good at the end of it all.

Tyrion has recently been trailed for killing the king (Joffery), he wins his combat trail, at least in my version of events he does, after this, his father begins to see that he was wrong, his son isn’t just an imp, and maybe he has been too hard on him. Tywin starts to see that his daughter resents Tyrion for killing her mother, but Tywin comes to a realisation that a baby can lift a sword let alone kill anyone. The council is called, all but Cersi that is, Tywin being the King’s hand has a lot to say about recent events and the place on the Iron Throne, rightly at this point the throne should be taken by his youngest (but now only) grandson, however Tywin has other plans. ‘We’ll put the throne up for trail’ any man, or clan can fight for the throne, however this can only last a day. I’m not having King’s landing being a battle ground for decades’. The council are surprised by what Tywin suggest, but all agree. After the meeting Tywin visits his son, rewarding and praising him for winning the trail ‘you’ve proved that you are a true Lannister, you deserve to be sat on that throne’ he says to his son imp.

The day of the throne trail, Tyrion is in high hopes; things are finally looking up for him. Since the trail Shae has returned to his bedside, she’s no longer what she just to be, ‘As soon as I win the Iron Throne, you will be the queen at my side too’ he had said to her one night.

The day in battle was long and hard, as the last hour dawned there were three men left standing,  two with a man at their sides: Tyrion stood with his sword in both hands, pointed to its target, Bronn stood to his left a sword in each hand, both held higher than Tyrion’s. Opposite them Theon Greyjoy stood unknowing looking at his master, who’s hands where held tightly mid air, clenching onto and steel handle, Ramsey Snow believed he could do this. How proud his father would be, being defeated by an imp would shame him more than he would care to think. Unknow to Ramsey, he didn’t just have Tyrion to defeat but behind him driving his heavy stood towards Ramsey’s throat was Peter Baelish. With a quick stroke of his sword Ramsey had fallen, Greyjoy stood looking around with fear in his eyes, not knowing what to do, dropping his sword he ran to the gates. While Bealish stood laughing at Greyjoy’s retreat, Tyrion and Bronn took their opportunity, they looked at each other..’together?’ said Tyrion ‘together’ replied Bronn, and with a couple of quick, sharp movements, Tyrion was King. 

This post was written by Elizabeth from Between the Lines 

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