A Day in Gifs

 A Day in Gifs...
Jon Snow

With so many different character's in A Game of Thrones you never get to see the ins and outs of everyday life for our favourite heroes. So I thought I'd fill in some of the gaps with a couple of gifs that, to me, show exactly how Jon would spend his days as a member of the Knights Watch. Artistic licence has been taken with the time frame, I've kind of mixed his time at the wall with his adventures beyond the 700ft mountain of ice but I think it works. So this is a day in the life of Jon Snow...

Morning patrols on the Wall with some of the other brothers and it appears to be snowing... for a change. Jon is thinking he might need to upgrade to a thicker coat.

After a breakfast prepared by Pip, Sam will enlighten Jon on his hopes and dreams. In the life he could have had if he hadn't given his life to the Knights Watch. 

Sneaking out for a little stroll with the girlfriend, Jon spends the next hour or so having the piss taken out of him by his hot headed wildling. He'll try to pretend she's getting to him but secretly he likes the fact she a bit of a nutter. 

Back at Castle Back Sam shares a secret or two with his bestie. Glenn listening in carefully for Sam's nuggets of sound advice.  

"How can I look happy Sam? Look at what the Wall is doing to my hair!"

Having an unpredictable wildling as a girlfriend isn't always great though. She too thinks he needs to lighten up about his hair. 

Jon is considering a move down South so that he can be in a shampoo commercial and fulfil his destiny as the next Westeros L'Oréal girl. 

PS. Still snowing.


  1. Hahahahahahaha! This is awesome!!
    I love Jon Snow! He's one of my favourite characters and I'm DYING to get the 6th book in my hands!!