REVIEW: The Course of True Love

by Cassandra Clare

Pages: 96
Publisher: Walker Books
Publication Date: 1st February 2018 (first pub 1st Jan 2014)
Received From: Walker Books

Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood might fall in love—but first they have a first date. 

When Magnus Bane, warlock, meets Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunter, sparks fly. And what happens on their first date lights a flame...

A Magnus Bane story set in New York. Both new readers and those already familiar with the world of the Shadowhunters will enjoy this collectable hardback gift edition

This book was originally released as an eBook as the final installment of the Bane Chronicles but as of last month is now available as the perfect little gift edition from Walker Books. Now I don't know about you but I'm a huge Shadowhunter fan and when this arrived I did a little happy dance. 

The Course of True Love (and First Dates) is the story of Magnus and Alec's first date and as anything else I'm this universe it didn't quite go to plan. Magnus has been alive for centuries but this is the first time he's ever been on a date with a Shadowhunter. From magical cocktails to werewolf attacks this is a date neither of them are likely to forget. 

This short story is laugh out loud funny and unbelievably exciting. Most of us know how Magnus and Alec's story ends but reliving how it all began will leave you smiling from ear to ear. 

This is the perfect addition to any Shadowhunter collection and if you have not read it yet I nightly recommend it... Along with all the other Bane Chronicles of course. 

REVIEW: A Witch Alone

by James Nicol

Pages: 336
Publisher: Chicken House
Publication Date: 1st March 2018
Received From: Chicken House

Arianwyn is recruited for an important mission: to retrieve the Book of Quiet Glyphs from its hiding place in the Great Wood. But as feyling refugees gather outside the town walls and hex plagues the forest, tensions lead to fall-outs with her friends. Arianwyn soon realises that she alone can find the Book, and wield its secrets ...

The biggest problem with second books is that it needs to live up to the first, especially when the first was all kinds of awesome. A Witch Alone however, doesn't just live up to its predecessor but in my opinion completely outshines it! This book has all the epicness of The Apprentice Witch with more magic, more danger and plot twists that will leave your jaw on the floor. 

A Witch Alone follows our favourite witch, Wyn, as she undertakes her biggest adventure to date! For you see, since last time we saw her dark spirits have been terrorising the land and spirits that was been dormant for centuries are now threatening the peace. But Wyn and her team are in for more than they ever expected when they enter the Great Wood in search of The Book of Quiet Glyphs and everything Wyn thought she knew about her powers is about to be challenged. This installment is full of adventure, dark magic and the humour we've come to love but how will our favourite characters fare when darkness comes knocking at Lull's gates?

A Witch Alone smashed my expectations and I consumed this book in two sittings! Wyn is one of those characters that can never get it right the first time and it is her determination and hope that makes her relatable to me. The events of this books test the strongest of friendships, which will literally make you shout "no no no no no" as you're reading. It is  a story of uncertainty and magic, which went mixed together is the perfect combination for disaster and it is how the characters we have come to love deal with this that keeps you, as the reader, on your toes from start to finish.

The thing I loved most about the first book was that Wyn isn't perfect. Having literary characters that make mistakes are so important because it shows younger readers that just because it doesn't go right the first time it doesn't mean you've failed. And at the other end of the spectrum, even if you grow up with everything handed to you on a plate it doesn't mean you don't have to work hard to get what you want *cough* Glimmer *cough*. A Witch Alone continues to show this and for me that was the most important thing because it gives younger people a role model that isn't perfect and let's younger reads know the most important thing is to not give up. 

Plus Bobs back! That's also REALLY important. 

Overall I adored this book! It was fast paced and easy to read and I'm keeping this review minimal as not to risk spoilers! The story had me hooked from the very start and I can't wait to find out what happens next!! A Witch Alone is full of magic and moon hares and so much more, James smashed this one and I hope you love it as much as I did.