Guest Post: A Day In The Life Of...

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A Day In The Life Of…
Brienne of Tarth

I am Brienne of Tarth and this is a day in my life. I get up around 5am from my tent and head straight outside. I do not care for my appearance; there are far more important things to be worrying about. I may have a quick splash in the river away from the other men in the camp. I put my armor on, such is my usual attire as there is none of this nonsense with dresses. They merely weigh a woman down and make her easier to catch. The men and the others around the camp have begun to wake up at this point. They are disgusting – burping and farting. The noises that come from them are vile. I may not dress nor look like a lady to most, but I will never sink to the lowness that is man.

I have since pledged my loyalty to the Lady Stark and now have to escort the loathsome Jaime Lannister so that my Lady will get her daughters back. I do not take sides; I am neither on Stark’s nor Lannister’s. My loyalty lies only with the Lady Stark.

I like to stay aloof when it comes to Jaime. He annoys me though, always commenting on my unwomanly ways - just like every other man I come across. I think they secretly fear me. They are used to their women being delicate and compliant. I am not like that; I can stand up to any man.

Jamie talks a lot. I wish he would just shut up sometimes, I guess he is just trying to make up for my silences. I am not escorting him for pleasure. I will be glad to be rid of him when we reach Kings Landing. But for now I will put up with him as it is Lady Stark’s wish and I keep my word.

At last night falls. I tie the Kingslayer to a nearby tree tell him, yet again, to shut up. Then I close my eyes, as tomorrow it starts all over again.

This post was written by Laura from Laura's Little Book Blog

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