Matched by Ally Condie

Rating: 3 out of 5

Summary (From back cover)
On her seventeenth birthday, Cassia meets her match. Society dictates he is her perfect partner for life. Except he's not. 
In Cassia's society, Officials decide who people love. 
How many children they have.
Where they work.
When they die.
But, as Cassia finds herself falling in love with another boy, she is determined to make some choices of her own. 
And that's when her whole world begins to unravel...

The first thing you notice with this book is that it has quite a few similarities to a couple of other well loved YA books. It's set in a a future where there have been strict rules and regulations put in place to make controlling the human population easier, but of course there are pockets of rebellion that can't be tamed. Think Divergent or The Hunger Games. Saying that it doesn't make this any less of a good read, in fact I really quite enjoyed it, even if I did get a serious case of deja vu at times.

So the story starts with Cassia's matching ceremony. The matching is something every person must do when they reach the age of seventeen. They've all been matched with someone who society has decided is they're idea partner, however, when Cassia goes up to find out who her match is there's a technical fault and shows her someone else. So now Cassia has to go through the process of courting her match with the knowledge that there may be someone else out there, someone she may be more suited to. The story follows her as she tried to figure out what went wrong and what she finds will tare apart everything she believes about the world she lives in.

Overall it's a good story, even though it's another love triangle. However, unlike a lot of other ones you'll be torn between the two boys as neither of them have any obvious faults. I really liked the way Condie creates, what on the surface, seems like an ideal world. Pushing the idea of an organised society that works. Though, as they book goes on you come to question whether or not the sacrifices these people have to make are worth the piece of peace?

It's a easy read, which lovers of The Hunger Games and Divergent will really enjoy. Definitely worth a read.

Official Book Trailer:

The rights to Matched were sold to Disney in 2010 and is in the process of being turned into a movie. Adam Shankman is set to produce the feature while Kieran Mulroney has been hired to write the script. As of present this is no release date for the film. 

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