A Witch in Winter

A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton

Rating: 4 out of 5

Summary (From Back Cover)
When love is tangled up in magic, how do you know what's real?
When Anna meets Seth, it's magic. But her hidden powers unleash a spell that sparks a war among witches and enslaves Seth's heart.

If I'm being completely honest, and lets face it I usually am, I bought this book because I liked the cover - I do this a lot. I wasn't expecting it too be that great, but I was wrong and should start judging books by their covers more often. It has some really interesting moments that connect a greater story of finding a comfortable place between your heart and you conscience.

I'm going to kick things off with some of the negatives because truth be told I kind of want to get to the part where I can gush over how much I liked the story! The main problem I had with this, and it's one I've had with other books, is that I didn't like the main character. I mean, I don't hate Anna the way I do Katniss from THGs but I struggled to feel sympathetic to her situation. I read this with a book buddy on GoodReads and we both said that Anna's inability to make the right decision was a constant snag in the story. It's hard to feel sorry for someone who's hit themselves in the face and all that.

Okay, now that's out the way I can move onto Seth! Seth is kinda of adorable - in a bod boy kind of way. The girl I was reading this with fell for him straight away although it took me a little more time to get won over by his charms. If there was anyone in this story that I wanted to get a happily ever after it was Seth... and maybe Abe. Abe is complicated - to say the least. You don't really find out much about him, he's a secondary character but his power over the weather is enchanting and his dry wit is endearing. I really hope we see more of him in the next book!

One character that I would tell you to keep an eye out for is Emmaline! She quickly became one of my favourite character's; if it was possible for the story to have been told from her point of view I would have preferred it. Actually keep an eye out for that whole family!

The story itself was really interesting. I would have liked a little more of the 'old' magic but the way in which this book is written you could close your eyes and see every spell being cast. I got a little frustrated with the fact the main character is unable of making a decision that didn't endanger the entire population of Winter, but when the story unfolds towards the end her rashness come in handy - I guess.

Another thing I loved about this book was that you could tell that it was written by a Brit! Now, it's not really that big a deal it's just little things here and there that make it feel all the more familiar. Simple things like instead of grassing or narcing Warburton sticks to good old fashioned dobbing.

Overall it's a great witchy read that is full of plot changes and unexpected twists, adorable and intimate moments, as well as a great last line! Definitely worth adding to your list if your into fantasy. The writing flows effortlessly making it such an easy read!

This is one witch you don't want to miss... mainly because she'll probable decide to cast a spell and end the world, so best to keep an eye on her!

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  1. I read Warburton's "Witch Finder" not too long ago and I loooved it so much! I can't wait to read this series, as well!

    1. I've not read that one yet, working my way through The Winter Trilogy at the moment! You'll love it, book two was really good! The only thing that I didn't like was that they all said "oh" A LOT! haha