A Divergent Story

I've mentioned in a previous post that I don't particularly like eBooks. However, there are a few short storied that you can only get electronically these days. I shared The Bane Chronicles with you last time and now I want to make sure you know about Veronica Roth's eBooks, A Divergent Story. 

In these short stories she follows Four, giving us as the reader an insight into his point of view. Also a much needed look at his back story - that's in the second one, The Transfer. There will be 5 in total, which you can buy separately. The first two are out now, the next three are out in July. You can buy the whole Four collection in one (I think it works out to be cheaper), but you will have to wait until July of this year if you want to do that. 

I love the Divergent series and these are like the cherry on top. Enjoy reading them my lovelies.

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