by Carrie Lofty 


Title: Blue Notes
Author: Carrie Lofty
Publishing Date: May 6th 2014 
Publisher: Gallery Books
ISBN: 1476706891  

Summery - From Back Cover

A piano prodigy on scholarship to a prestigious New Orleans university, Keeley Chambers is finally striking out on her own after a roving life dictated by her criminal parents. Her soulful, brilliant, fiery improvisations tear through her like a storm but are played for an audience of one: herself. However, sinfully handsome Jude Villars refuses to abandon Keeley to her private world and calls her out on her fear of performing in public. The irreverent, seductive billionaire playboy awakens Keeley to the blissful pleasures of letting go as he tempts her into the spotlight of the city's hottest clubs. Yet Jude has secrets of his own and pain that no one but Keeley recognizes. Will revealing themselves as they really are be too great a risk? Or will the truth make their tumultuous connection hotter and more irresistible than ever?


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 It’s a test. The whole night is a test. How to survive a trial by spontaneous masculine overdrive. Jude Villars—his eyes, his gorgeous face, those built arms, his man in a man’s world way of dressing . . . 
Show him what you can do. 
Take him by surprise. 
I take myself by surprise when I dig my fingers into his broadcloth collar. I drag him closer. The gap between our mouths isn’t big. I could kiss him if I wanted. I want some revenge for being emotionally tossed around. I want to break him into a thousand pieces. 
“You think you’ve got it all figured out,” I say. “You don’t. Not about me.” 
The exhales between us are thick and hot. At least he’s breathing as hard as I am. He chuckles softly. The sound, the secondhand feel of it, ricochets down my chest. I’m tinder catching fire. I can do anything. 
 “I wonder,” he whispers, “have you ever kissed anyone as hard as you want to kiss me right now?” 
I shove him away, but not before his words settle like lava behind my breastbone. I’m both molten and airy, and learning fast what it means to get really turned on. That’s even more shocking than the idea of taking to the stage. No man has ever touched me with such knowing confidence. Brushing his thumb along my lower lip? He knows exactly what he’s doing. 
And I want more. 
He’s already made me angry. Now he’s making me reckless. 
If that means going head to head with me makes him smile all wispy like he did at Adelaide, then bring it on. He’s played with my brain all night. I can at least be memorable. 
He stands when I do. I thought his height was a trick of perspective when he’d towered over the seated jock. No way. He’s a good six feet, but I’m not letting him get away with talking down at the crown of my head. I tilt my chin. “Me and the piano. And you’ll watch.” 
“I won’t be able to take my eyes off you.” 
A thrill zings from head to toe before settling in my fingertips. Itching. Ready. “You better not.”
People hoot when I approach the stage. 
I’m not in court, but neither am I safe in a rehearsal room. 
I’m in a hot, colorful, loud, feverish club in New Orleans. And everyone in here expects to be entertained. 
Can I give them that? 
I shed my linen shirt. The upright piano is in surprisingly good condition. A spotlight turns the shiny brown surface into glass beneath the sun. It also has the welcome effect of blotting out the crowd. 
When I sit on the bench and touch Middle C, I realize the truth of my words. Me and the piano. I pet the key, easing all other thoughts into a distant corner. They simply scatter, becoming air—the air that fills my lungs and gives me strength. 
Straightening my shoulders, my hands in place, I throw one last glance toward the obscured audience. I don’t care what will burst out of my musical id, or what I’ll look like afterward. No future now. Just the here and now and my music and Jude watching.

Dream Cast

"Turn me on, sugar," he says, smoldering and daring. "Just you and the piano."

They may be a little older than the characters in the book but in my opinion I couldn't think of anyone else I'd want to play Keeley & Jude.

Emilia Clarke as Keeley Chambers

 Matt Bomer as Jude Villars

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