The Summer Blogger Promo Tour

AH! That's it lovely people of the interweb! It's been a great summer full of exciting posts from some new and wonderful bloggers. We've had some book tags, guest posts and even a couple of reviews and now it's time to wrap it all up and have a quick look back at what we got up to! 

On the 6th of July SJ and I took on our very own bookish Tri-Wizard tournament! We let you lot decide who the winner was and I'm happy (if not slightly bitter) to announce that SJ won!! It's still up so you can always cast your vote and check out how we took on the challenges in a fine book blogging style. 

You can find SJ on her BLOG and on TWITTER.

Next up on the 13th of July we got to know Jessica and Amber a little better with a guest post on why they started blogging. These two girls were the masterminds behind the whole tour and so I think we owe them both a little - if not MASSIVE - round of applause. 
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You can fine The Book Bratz on their BLOG and on TWITTER.

The lovely Dana and I took on The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepard on the 20th of July in our very own little book club! We both found ourselves drawn into this rather creepy world were the rules of right and wrong are blurred. Beware the madness and the spoilers!! 

You can find Dana on her BLOG and on TWITTER.

On the 27th of July we had our only male blogger on the site with a fun little book recommendation in the style of a scavenger hunt! Andrew shared some of his favourite books and I for one wouldn't agree more with him on the majority of his picks! I would tell you which ones but that would be giving the game away. 

You can find Andrew on his BLOG and on TWITTER.

To start of August on the 3rd we had a little Q&A with Ana to get to know this brain box a little better. She answered some Q's and it was a change to get to know the 17-year-olds bookish ways without having to physically stalk her. Which I don't encourage btw... unless you're staking Theo James, then I can't help but wish you luck ;) 

You can find Ana on her BLOG and on TWITTER.

Okay so this one went up a little later than planned on the 11th of August as I managed to get my dates all muddled up. Don't hate me I'm only a Muggle! Although even a little later we still had a great post where LS from the YA Club shared her top 10 books of all time with us! Anyone else's TBR piles feeling 10 books bigger? 

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Oh this one was fun! On the 17th of August Stefani and I took part in a little boo club were we got to read and devour Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour. We both loved this one and it's such a great book for summer... even if it is almost over. Again, there are spoilers but if you've read this book then get on over and see if you agree with what we thought!! 

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And lastly on the 24th of August we had the wonderful Jen. Jen took part in one of my favourite bookish tags at the moment, The Chocolate Tag. Because come on, who doesn't love chocolate and books? These were her sugary recommendations for you. 

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THAT'S IT! 8 Bloggers later and the tour is over! I hope you all had as much fun as I did getting to know everyone.

If you missed out on any of the posts I did for the tour here's a list of them and where to find them:

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