Guest Post: Mab Is Mab

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Bookish By Design
by Emma at Mab Is Mab

Hello! After my Game of Thrones foray into top trumps (did you play?!) Mily has been kind enough to allow me back for another guest post – YAY! Thanks Mily :)

This time, I have another creative post to share. In my little wonderings, I have been thinking about the things that unite us all as book bloggers; the common traits, the shared obsessions... And I got to thinking... what makes a “book blogger stereotype”? – and I don’t mean this in a bad way at all. The community has so many trends and unifying features I think the fact that I *could* create a book blogger stereotype proves how strong and established the community actually is! So I got my doodle on, and below you will find a few things I think you may find very familiar ;) and I think we should all display these things proudly!

Of course, this isn’t everything (and, men of the book world, I’m sorry it’s a girl but I decided I really needed to pick one or the other for simplicity!). Due to space alone I found myself leaving out “TBR pile as tall as your head”, “Publishers on speed-dial”, “bookshop radar” and  “shelves in a constant state of disarray/re-arrangement” to name but a few! But I do hope you like what I have included.
So let’s all celebrate our bookishness!

If you liked this little drawing I did, I’m giving you a chance to WIN IT! My very own hands loving crafted this image with pens and pencils, outside of a computer *gasp!*.  In fact, it looks even better on paper, and it could be yours! Wannit? Enter below :)

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