Today we have something a little different for you. It's just a bit of fun but you never know what situation you might find yourself in and if the day comes when the cats take over the human race this post could come in handy! So these are Emma's 10 Things You Need To Know To Survive The CAT-POCALYPSE! 

How did the CAT-POCALYPSE come about?

Humans keep posting pictures of cats to social media portraying them as cute, hapless, funny, adorable... They're sick of it. A lot.

Who would be the cat mastermind of the CAT-POCALYPSE?

Dinah (the cat from Alice in Wonderland). She was so traumatised by her childhood experiences; disappearing owners, their sudden returns and being over-shadowed by a disappearing, grinning felines... that she went a little fame-hungry and ultimately became a monster-kitty. She has the drive for change, but maybe not the sanity for a full on assault.

Name a dystopia book that may give you some hints on surviving?

Hmm, depends if the cats are out to kill us or play with us like mice! I think they'd like the chase, so I'll say The Maze Runner. I didn't like the book very much, but I think being held by captors and chased through a maze might feel pretty similar!

Who would be the leader of Human Revolution? (fictional or real)

I'm going to have to say Lyra from His Dark Materials. She didn't take any s*** from Pantalaimon, and he was a cat a lot!

Are you a part of the Revolution or a Cat sympathiser?

I think I'm a cat sympathiser. The pressure to be cute all the time - I couldn't take it either! ha

The five best ways to bribe our new Cat Masters?

Tuna, strokes, catnip, squishy yarn, nyan-cat - possibly more of a threat than a bribe!

Who would you turn to for help during the CAT-POCALYPSE? (fictional or real)

Buffy. She's dealt with a lot of -pocalypses. I'd page her ;)

CAT FIGHT!: Crookshanks (Harry Potter) vs Buttercup (The Hunger Games) - who wins?

Buttercup for sure! That cat's got venom!

The Cat Masters induct an "honorary cat" into their collective - who would it be? (fictional or real)

Literally the cast of Gossip Girl?! Can't remember how many times I thought "miaow!" to some of the things that went on! Catty, to say the least.

Which book would you read to escape the CAT-POCALYPSE madness around you?

The Humans by Matt Haig. Just for a reminder of what the revolution is fighting for!
For total escape, probably Jane Austen. I can't remember any cats in that ;)

So that's how Emma's going to survive when the Cat Master's rise up and take over the world! If you want to know how I plan on making it through these dark, dark time head over to Emma's site by CLICKING HERE

FYI - Crookshanks has taken over the world in my CAT-POCALYPSE and he's one evil kitty indeed!


  1. Hhhehehehe, this is too cute! I'd be quite dead by the mere start of the Cat-pocalypse given my allergy to cats!!

    1. That would definitely be unfortunate - maybe you could go live on an island somewhere the cats haven't found yet! After all they don't like water ;)


  2. I knew it. All this time with the cute meows and loving looks, my cats have been lulling me into a false sense of security.

  3. In the nicest possible way... you guys are nuts :)

    1. I know! We've completely lost it... but it was fun to write :P

      Mily x