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Back in July one of The Broke & The Bookish's Top Ten Tuesday's topic was Top Ten Blogging Confessions. It's a post that Jamie has done a couple of times and I wanted to give it a go. So these are my Top 10 Blogging Confessions.
Make sure you check out Jamie's original post on The Broke & Bookish. 
Also, while you've got your search engine open check out Jamie's other blog The Perpetual Page-Turner. It's one of my favourite book blogs!

1. I NEVER feel that I'm reading enough.

I've got my weekly average up to around 3 books a week now however, I still feel that I'm slacking! I'm always comparing what I read to other bloggers and they all seem to be reading so much more than me it makes me feel like the slowest reader ever. 

2. Until two weeks ago I was totally winging it and didn't schedule a single post. 

So I'm not the most organised person. The people who have had rescheduling emails from me will back this up. In all honesty I didn't even know you could schedule posts until a couple of weeks ago and now I have posts all lined up into next month. I'm slowly, but surly, organising myself but I'm still new at this and I feel like I'm totally winging it. 

3. I have serious blogging envy

I don't mean too. I love the other bloggers and I have some great chats with them and I adore reading their posts. However, when someone gets a book I'd like to read or they've come up with some amazing idea of a post I get really jealous. Envy is probably the worst part of my character and I'm working really hard to be better. Promise! 

4. My NetGalley's feedback % is 30.

Ah! I guess I have a problem where I just need MORE books. They're free and lovely and there. I forget that I have to actually read them. I'm working through my list though and I've stop requesting books on NetGalley unless I REALLY want them. So in theory this should go up soon enough. 

5.  I buy more books now than I did before I was blogging. 

You'd think when you're being sent books for review that you'd buy less. But being part of the book blogging community you find out about SO many more books than you did before and you can't get arc's of all of them. Which in the end equals an empty bank account a fuller shelves. 

6. I sometimes feel that I let my blog take over my real life.

Maybe sometimes is an understatement. I manage to spend a good couple of hours a day on social media sites and writing posts that my whole life feels like it's in this blog. I'm not complaining I love writing these posts. I started blogging because I was struggling to write the ending to the book I was working on and I didn't want to stop writing because I knew if I did I would never go back to it. I'd like to think that my writing skills have improved some since I started, I know I'm the typo queen but I feel that the posts themselves are becoming more interesting
But you might disagree. 

7. I hate writing negative reviews.

Why would anyone send their book to a reviewer that writes negative reviews? I know we're meant to be honest and I am, but it does make me a little nervous when I post a negative review. I had one last month that I was really worried about, I keep thinking what if the author reads it? I don't want to hurt anyones feelings but at the same time I can't lie. I mean if I wrote 5 star reviews about every book I read you'll stop trusting my judgements... that's if you do anyway, I'm just making assumptions now. 

8. I have a TBR list so long I'll never read them all and yet it just keeps getting longer.

I have this feeling of impending doom every time I look at my TBR list. There are so many worlds I want to explore and stories I want to loose myself in and there just aren't enough hours in the day! 
Real life keeps getting in the way! 
It feels like every time I tick one book of my TBR 5 more have been added! It's never ending and actually a little daunting.

9. I sometimes feel that when other blogger's are commenting about the state of the blogging community now-a-days, they're talking about me.

Okay they're not really complaining, it's more like they're commenting on how the blogging community isn't what it was. I think it's because I'm new I can't help buy feel like they're talking about me. I don't know what blogging was like 'before' but I haven't got any complains. Everyone is lovely and I love it. But I would be lying if I said when people post that they feel like the blogging community is a shadow of what it once was that they're talking about me, because of course, I'm part of this 'new' community. 
Although I will point out that I have paranoid narcissistic tendencies so there is a very good chance I've made this all up in my head. 

10. I don't always read the blurb of a book before I get it.

Yeah this is a bad one! I'd say about a third of the books I own I have no idea what they are about. If I see a book that has a really great cover or I've been told it's a good book I've been known to just buy it without actually reading the blurb and finding out what it's about. It some times makes reading them a lot more fun, you have no idea what going to happen and no expectations. It's like a little adventure. I'd say 7/10 times this works for me... although sometimes I'll be cursing myself for not finding out what the book was about first. 

So those are MY blogging confessions, what are yours? Do you feel the same as me on some of these point? Let me know! 

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