by Lindsey Rosin

Pages: 356 
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Publication Date: 25th August 2016
ISBN: 1471405761
Received From:  Hot Key Books


There's a first time for everything . . .
Layla, Alexis, Zoe and Emma are four best friends with not a lot in common. Well, except one thing . . . But they're determined to lose 'that thing' by the time they graduate high school. Yes, the time has come to Do It. To make love. To have all the sex. It's momentous, it's huge, it's important and it's life-changing. Or . . . is it?
Although each of the girls sets out with a pretty certain idea of what the Big Moment will be like, as they'll discover, life doesn't always work out the way you expect. And in their search for something huge, important and life-changing, they'll discover that they already have it - in each other


Okay so I can't explain why I wanted to read this one but something about it was pulling at my metaphorical jumped like a little kid that wants attention so I HAD to read it and I'm so so so happy I did!! I was worried that it would be a sugar coated representation of high school but it turned out to be quite an honest account of a girls first time and the journey we go through emotionally before, during and after we pop our cherry. Although i'm getting ahead of myself... lets start at the beginning.

Cherry is a story about 4 friends, Layla, Zoe, Emma and Alex, on the lead up to there high school graduation. They have the normal everyday things to deal with like family, friends, classes and actually making it to graduation but in addition to this Layla decides they also need to loose their virginities. Throughout the book you follow all four girls as the make their way through the last few terms of high school and try to loose their V-cards at the same time... and in the form of a sex pact no less! For Layla it's all planned out, valentines day with her boyfriend Logan but for the others it's not that simple. Alex has already had sex... or at least that's what everyone thinks and the other two girls have to figure out the whole mine field that is dating before they can even think about the pact.

I think the reason I loved this book was because of the characters. I found all of the girls relatable in one way or another and it made me care about what happened to each of them. It is so easy for a YA novel that is based around sex to come across contrite or become more NA than YA but with Cherry, as much as sex plays a big part in the story the actual book is more to do with the girls becoming women. It becomes a story of four girls finding themselves and figuring out what they want from themselves as well as a relationship. 

I think the only real flaw I found was it was a little on the predictable side, I knew who was going to end up with who and there wasn't any real shocking twists to the story. However, in an odd way I think it made it more relatable. Yes I could tell what was coming but that's because I've been though similar situations to some of the girls. That was because the story lines were realistic and I think most people who dated throughout high school and their early twenties will connect to one part or another. 

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I didn't put it down. I actually lost a Tuesday to this book but it was totally worth it! I would recommend it to anyone!! It is honest, it is real, it is funny and sad and all in all it is an enjoyable and easy read. 

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