REVIEW: Demon Hunters

by Olivia Chase

Pages: 240, paperback
Publisher: Hachette/Little, Brown Books
Publication Date: 8th of September
ISBN: 9780349002279
Received From:  Hachette


For fans of Cassandra Clare, this kick-ass new series will keep you on the edge of your seat . . .With an occult detective for a dad, Diana's normal life has never been too normal. Uprooted by investigations, she finds herself on a long train journey to Edinburgh, sitting next to a boy who makes her heart melt. Or something melt. Anyway, she's melting. Maybe a new life in Scotland won't be so bad, after all?But when Di's recurring nightmares start to come true, her destiny changes for ever. After her dad goes missing, she becomes part of a Trinity of Demon Hunters. Along with her two new friends, she needs to face down death, rescue her dad and save their city. Because that's what Demon Hunters do, right?There's only one question left to answer: how do you kill a dead man?


Where to start with this one? So this one isn't out for a couple more weeks but get it on your TBR lists now!!! I don't think I've read a book in a day in years but I just couldn't put this one down!! I needed to know what was going to happen and not even sleep was getting in the way of that! Chase's writing style flows effortlessly which made reading Demon Hunters: Trinity all the more enjoyable and the way she describes Edinburgh? Well lets just say I've already asked my parents if we can move there! 

Demon Hunters: Trinity is about a 16 year old girl moving to Scotland. Diana is originally a California girl but due to her Dad's ghost hunting career she moves more often than she would like. At the beginning of the book Di and her Dad move to Edinburgh on the hunt for more exciting supernatural occurrences but what they find is nothing like they imagine. I'm not sure even Jake Helsing has the equipment to tackle these demons. Days after arriving in the city Di discovers she is part of an ancient line of Demon Hunters and with her new friends, twins Vesta and Minerva, she will have to defeat a 400 old demon... I know, just the normal teenage stuff right? 

I'm going to start with the part I wasn't so sure about because I really want to get on with how much I loved this book! If you get told you are from a long line of demon hunters, no matter how right it might feel, don't you think you might be a little shocked? Well as shocked as Di was she got over it pretty fast and within a few hours was training to defeat the big baddy which to me just felt a little forced. I think I just needed a couple of days for the information to sink in, have her go about her business and then the twins could start pestering her and eventually she agrees to help... might have made it a little more believable to me. But that is just my opinion and there was an urgency to the who kill the demon thing to. 

Even with all the demons and stuff reading this book I was mentally packing my bags to move to Edinburg. Something about the way Chase writes it made me jealous of anyone who gets to call it home and I was half out the door by the time I had finished the book. The characters are well written, our main character Di is a perfect heroine by YA standards. She is eager to get stuck in, help and do her duty but at the same time frightened of what that means and most importantly not above making mistakes. Every good YA protagonist makes mistakes along the way, it's what makes them relatable.

Vesta and Minerva are amazing characters to read, there dynamic is effortless and I have a bit of a soft spot for Minerva, although saying that my favourite part by far is the relationship between Vesta and Sebastian! I mean if there is a reason to need a second book it is simply to find out if Seb grows a pair and asks her out!! I'm routing for you Sebby Boy!

All in all I really enjoyed this book, the characters are fun and eccentric, the setting is magical and endearing and the story arch makes it almost impossible to put down. I'm not really sure what more a book can offer other than that, well other than a great supernatural background and a villain that will make your skin crawl long after you stop reading. Which this book most certainly has! 

I personally can't wait for the second book, as I want to know what our trinity get up to next! 

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