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This time around we've got the host's of the whole tour Amber and Jess from The Book Bratz. I did the tour last year when there were a lot less of us and got to know a bit about these girls, it was also around this time when I started reading Dangerous Girls. Jess and I has varying opinions on this title and I thought this would be a good time for you lovely lot to see what she thought of the book. Enjoy.

Dangerous Girls
Book Club Discussion

What were your first thoughts after finishing Dangerous Girls?

Jess: I was really, really impressed and shocked and thrown for a loop and I immediately wanted to start telling people to add the book to their TBR.

Both of us read Dangerous Boys before this, do you think that affected the way you saw this book?

Jess: I actually read Dangerous Boys after Dangerous Girls, and I do think that reading this first affected my view of the second book. This book was so great and twisting and had a whole different feel than Dangerous Boys and I went into it expecting another dramatic beach murder and was let down by it.

How did you feel towards the two main characters, Anna and Elsie, at the beginning of the book?

Jess: Haas earns major brownie points for conjuring a character like Elsie up and giving her a relationship with Anna. She reminds me a lot of Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska, which is my absolute favorite book of all time, so right away I latched onto Elise's character and loved hearing about her from Anna's perspective.

How did you feel towards the two main characters, Anna and Elsie, at the end of the book?

Jess: I was shocked and felt horrible for not only Elsie, but Anna, too. Oh boy. :O

What was your least favorite part of the book?

Jess: Clara Rose. The most annoying and evil news anchor to ever "grace" the planet. What the heck was her problem?!? She spent countless episodes of her show bashing Anna and accusing her, but then she's all sugary and sweet in person, especially in the end. What's your problem, lady?

Abigail has a unique writing style and this book was no different. Would you have liked a second point of view?

Jess: Honestly, I wouldn't. I understood everything from Anna's point of view and not knowing everything while it was all happening was a thrill too, because you got to play detective because you were only inside one mind.

Do you think Anna’s character turned out the way she did through circumstance or nature?

Jess: Circumstance. Her life and her friends and her twisted morals just made her more and more the way she was.

What was your favourite moment from Dangerous Girls?

Jess: I don't have a specific moment, but a specific message that was my favorite. Anna was being relentlessly tormented by lawyers and inmates and the media--everyone assumed she was guilty without even giving her a chance. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but Haas tied an important theme into this story--the way that everyone in this world seems so quick to jump onto the bandwagon and not give it a second thought without knowing all of the facts.

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