REVIEW: We Are Young

by Cat Clarke

Pages: 384
Publisher: Quercus Children's Books
Publication Date: 3rd May 2018
Received From: Quercus Children's Books

On the same night Evan's mother marries local radio DJ 'Breakfast Tim', Evan's brand-new step-brother Lewis is found unconscious and terribly injured, the only survivor of a horrific car crash.

A media furore erupts, with the finger of blame pointed firmly at stoner, loner Lewis. Everyone else seems to think the crash was drugs-related, but Evan isn't buying it. With the help of her journalist father, Harry, she decides to find out what really happened that night.

As Evan delves deeper into the lives of the three teenagers who died in the crash, she uncovers some disturbing truths and a secret that threatens to tear her family - and the community - apart for ever...

It is no secret that I adore Cat Clarke's books and her honest approach to storytelling. However, this is something about this book that is truely special. The story itself is a raw and powerful one that will hit you right in the feels and once I opened that first page I could not put it down. I will say now that this is one of those reviews that isn't going to tell you much about the story but I hope it shows you WHY you need to read this book.

We Are Young is Evan's story after the night her mother marries local DJ Tim. It should have been a happy day but when they get the call Evan's new step-brother has been in an accident everything changes. This book follows Evan as she tries to uncover what really happened that night and why her step-brother, Lewis, was the only one to survive the crash. Although what she finds is more that she could have ever imagined. We Are Young is a gripping and gritty story that will have you flipping through the pages to find out the truth of what happened that night... question is, are you ready to know what really happened? 

We live in a time where women are finding their voice again and there is something about Evan that speaks to the girls of today and tells them that they should never be ashamed to speak up. There is a fearlessness to Cats story telling that leaves a lump in the back of your throat, as a writer she has never shyed away from writing the grit of a story and We Are Young is no exception. Evan is a YA protagonist to be proud of, she is a main character young girls can look up to. A voice that shows people make mistakes, they fuck up but you learn from your mistakes and they don't define you.

There is a huge emphasis on mental health in this book and I'll be honest it was not an easy book to read for me! There are moments that left me with tears in my eyes and my skin crawling but it felt honest and real. There was no sugar coating in this story and We Are Young is one of those books that makes me proud to be a supporter of YA fiction!

Overall I adored this book. It was hard and it was challenging but it has put across a voice that needed to be heard. Evan is by far my favourite main character of Cat's and the story was empowering, chilling, heartwarming and kick ass! I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did and I can't wait to see what awesomeness Cat has in store next. 

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