REVIEW: Haunt Me

by Liz Kessler

Pages: 400
Publisher: Orion Children's Books
Publication Date: October 6th 2016
ISBN: 1444009192
Received From:  Orion Children's Books via Netgalley


Joe wakes up from a deep sleep to see his family leave in a removals van. Where they've gone, he has no idea. Erin moves house and instantly feels at home in her new room. Even if it appears she isn't the only one living in it. Bit by bit, Erin and Joe discover that they have somehow found a way across the ultimate divide - life and death. Bound by their backgrounds, a love of poetry and their growing feelings for each other, they are determined to find a way to be together.
Joe's brother, Olly, never cared much for poetry. He was always too busy being king of the school - but that all changed when Joe died. And when an encounter in the school corridor brings him face to face with Erin, he realises how different things really are - including the kind of girl he falls for.
Two brothers. Two choices. Will Erin's decision destroy her completely, or can she save herself before she is lost forever?


This book hit me right in the feels! I can't explain how much this book got to me but it has been such a long time since I read a book with SO many incredible characters. Character's that ALL completely and utterly melt your heart!

Haunt Me is told from three point of views with Erin and Joe the main two protagonists and Olly *swoons* coming in a little later on. The story starts with Joe watching his family leave him behind and Erin and her family moving into his old house. The two connect in an unusual way, with song lyrics and poems that make them feel like they understand each other... like they have found their other half. Only slight downfall being Joe died 6 months ago! The book follows these two as they try to understand their feelings and discover why they're connected. As well as finding out how Joe died, if Erin can find a place in her new school and will Joe's big brother Olly come between them?

"If this is how it feels to be lost, I would be happy never to be found again."

I've already made it pretty clear I have serious feels for this book but where to start! I think the reason I connected so much with this book definitely came down to our three main characters. Erin and Joe both have this dark side to them with anxiety and depression causing them to shut themselves away from the world. They connect with each other because they both have similar dark places, which in hand helped me as a reader connect with them. They are real and honest and very raw as far as protagonists go and it made them all the more endearing. Ignoring the small issue of Joe not being quite alive, you find yourself rooting for the pair of misfits... whether as friends, or more is up for debate. After all what is YA without a little love triangle!?! *In enters Olly*

I actually love Olly! It is a tricky love triangle where you could easily form a Team Joe and a Team Olly but in the end if you don't some how want both of them to win I think we may have to have a little talk about your priorities... yes you! Olly as a character is the typical popular boy except his world got turned upside down when his brother (Joe) dies. He carries a level of guilt around with him but I can't tell you why... spoilers and all that. He's charming and everything you expect from the hot older boy but he isn't shallow - well not anymore - and he has his own dark and twisty side. However, unlike our other characters his anxieties keep him grounded, they strip back the cocky teenage boy and reveal a caring and honest man who will do anything to keep the people he loves safe.

"A challenge to be a better person, to be as good as she is, to be worthy of her."

It has been a long time since a book has made me cry but Haunt Me's final chapters had me choking back the tears. This book is so good and if you are looking for something new to read then choose this! It's honest, heartwarming, heartbreaking and beautifully written. I really enjoyed it.

"The only relief for me was oblivion"

A very special Hogwarts cheer for Haunt Me

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